IC Design

Liivatera has experience with many process technologies (CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS & GaAs) over a number of process nodes down to 40nm. We are flexible in our working methods and familiar with all the current design tools having used them for many years, and the skills developed through this experience are now available to help with your next project.
If you wish to discuss any general topics or specific requirements, then contact us.
Radio Frequency
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Specialists in CMOS RF Power Amplifiers but covering all areas of RF, we have developed many techniques to automate circuit design. A particular area of interest is the design and synthesis of on-chip transformers for matching and filtering.
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Shrinking process geometries have blurred the boundaries between digital and analogue. Cells can now contain digital calibration and control circuits to add intelligence, and extend circuit performance without increasing die are.
From standard cells such as references and regulators to complex filter topologies, we offer imaginative solutions for your requirements.
As I-Q architectures dominate radio design analogue baseband circuits have now become key to RF performance.
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Our air-conditioned labs offer the ideal environment to characterise a new design.
We are able to design and build test fixtures and evaluation boards to fully evaluate a chip against target specifications, and document the findings.
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Liivatera offers courses on CMOS RF Power Amplifier design, both conventional and LINC. The courses are tailored to individual requirements, typically for groups of 2-6 people, over 2-3 days.
Contact us to discuss specific details as the courses are tailored to your requirements.
Applications Support
Evaluation and application boards can be designed and assembled using in-house modern reflow SMT equipment. We are also able to produce supporting application-notes written by native English-speaking staff, and we can offer other languages on request.
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